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Craft Tutorial - Memo Pad Holder Page 2

Bastelanleitung - Notizbuch 9

12. Now you can stick them to the front and back cover of the memo holder. At the same time you are covering part of the organza ribbon as well as holding it secure in place.

Bastelanleitung - Notizbuch 6

13. For the inside of the memo holder, cut two 9.5 x 14 centimeter rectangles out of a paper of choice.

Bastelanleitung - Notizbuch 10

14. Turn the book so that the inside is facing up. Adhere the paper rectangles to the inside on each side. You can use stick glue for this step.

Bastelanleitung - Notizbuch 17

15. Create a 5 centimeter roll out of scrapbook paper. Wrap it around your pencil so that it fits snugly without being too tight. Then glue the roll first closed and then adhere it with craft glue onto the memo pad. 

Bastelanleitung - Notizbuch 16

16. Place double-sided tape on the backside of a memo pad and then stick it to the inside of the memo pad holder.

Bastelanleitung - Notizbuch 18

17. Die cut three flowers using your die cutting machine and dies. Follow these directions for using the Sizzix Big Shot machine.

Bastelanleitung - Notizbuch 19

18. You can give the flowers dimension by embossing lines through the middle of each petal. Then pinch each petal together.

Bastelanleitung - Notizbuch 20

19. Once you have done all three petals, glue them on top of each other. Then add a button to the center to give the flower a finished look.

Bastelanleitung - Notizbuch 21

20. Follow this Stamping and Embossing Tutorial to stamp your message onto a piece of white card. Then cut around the stamped message with about a 1 centimeter border on each side.

Bastelanleitung - Notizbuch 22

21. Then take this rectangle and glue it onto a piece of scrapbook paper. Cut it then out with a 5 mm border around the message.

Bastelanleitung - Notizbuch 23

22. Now you can glue the message and the flower onto the book. Tie the ends together and your project is complete.


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