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 More Accessories for the Sizzix Big Shot

Sizzix Multi-Purpose Platform

Sizzix “Multi-Purpose Platform”- Introduction
The “Multi-Purpose Platform” is a must for using the Sizzix Big Shot (except when you are using the “Originals”, “Originals XL” and “Bigz” dies - these dies are very thick to begin with). The platform is like a book with 3 pages. Each page is a layer to help regulate the thickness of the stack you are putting together to use in the machine. The thickness of the stack is important for success of the item being cut or embossed. On each page there is information and images as to which dies or embossing folders/ embossing plates should be used for that particular page.

The top page layer is to be used for wafer thin dies.

Sizzix Multi-Purpose Platform Tab 1

Sizzix “Multi-Purpose Platform”- Tab 1
When you open the platform “book” you will come to the page that is called “Tab 1”. This page is to be used for the following dies or embossing folders/ embossing plates: metal embossing plates from any company, Sizzix Simple Impressions Embossing Dies that are larger than 10 cm., Sizzix Texturz Texture Plates (these are colored plates such as black or purple colored) in combination with thin paper, Sizzix Embosslits, Sizzix Sizzlits und Sizzix Clearlits. On this page, there is also images explaining how the stacks are to be put together, depending on which die or embossing folder/ embossing plate you are using.

Sizzix Multi-Purpose Platform Tab 2

Sizzix “Multi-Purpose Platform”- Tab 2
This is the last page of the platform “book”. Use this page for the following dies or embossing folders/ embossing plates: Sizzix Simple Impressions Embossing Folders that are about the size of 6 cm and for the Sizzix Texturz Texture Plates when you are using a thicker material such as chipboard. Just like the previous pages, illustrated images show you how to build up your stack depending on what you are using.

Sizzix Big Shot Cutting Plates

Sizzix Cutting Plates
You will practically always need these cutting plates for the Big Shot, no matter if you are cutting or embossing with the Multi-Purpose Platform or using the thick “Originals” dies. These also help regulate the thickness of the stack. You will notice that after cutting on these for some time, shapes of the cut images start to show on the plates. There is no way to avoid this. If you are planning to emboss the motif afterwards, then these will disappear. Otherwise, you can buy a second set of plates and use them only when you want to die cut a motif that you are not planning to emboss afterwards. Also you do not have to always place the dies in the center of the plates. You can use any part of the plate. Lastly, both sides of the plate can be used. If one side is looking shabby, you can turn it around and place the other side against your paper. Then it will take longer until these plates are also full of imprints.

Sizzix Big Shot Silikon Matte

Sizzix Big Shot Silicone Mate
This is also necessary when embossing with the Texturz Texture Plates.

Sizzix Big Shot Impressions Pad

Sizzix Big Shot “Impressions Pad” Schneideplatte (die Platte ist schwarz)
The black cutting plates are a bit thicker than the clear texture plates. These are necessary when using the Texturz Texture Plates.


For the extra long dies, you will need the Sizzix Solo Platform and Accessories
The Solo Platform can be used also instead of the Multi-Purpose platform for all your cutting and embossing needs. It is a must, though when using the extra long “Bigz L” oder “Bigz XL” or the long Sizzix Sizzlits Decorative Strips. Depending on what you will be doing, you may also need a “Solo-Shim” and/or a “Solo Thin Die Adapter” as well.

Sizzix Big Shot Solo Platform

Sizzix Solo Platform
Just like the “Multi-Purpose Platform”, this Platform is used to regulate the thickness of the stack you will need to die-cut or emboss. By using only this Platform along with two clear Sizzix Cutting Plates you can use the Sizzix Textured Impressions Embossing Folders to emboss the cover of a folded card. This platform is also to be used alone with two clear cutting plates when you wish to emboss thick material with the Sizzix Texturz Texture Plates You should never use more than one die or folder at a time when using the platform. You may cause damage to your machine.

Sizzix Big Shot Solo Shim 2

Sizzix Solo Shim
The Solo Shim is a really thin layer that you will need along with the Solo Platform when cutting or embossing thinner materials using the following dies, folders or plates: Sizzix Sizzlits und Sizzlits Decorative Strips, Embosslits, Textured Impressions Embossing Folders, Simple Impressions, Sizzix Texturz, und Sizzix Ink-Its. Depending on what you are doing and you will also need either one or two cutting plates as well.

Sizzix Big Shot Solo Thin Die Adapter

Sizzix Solo Thin Die Adapter
This Solo Thin Die Adapter is necessary when using wafer thin dies such as from Double-Do. You will need also the Solo Shim, Solo Platform and two cutting plates when using the wafer thin dies.

Sizzix Big Shot Cutting Plates Lang

Sizzix Cutting Plates (long)
These cutting plates are just like the regular plates, only longer. They fit perfectly onto the Solo Platform and they are necessary when you are die cuttung the extra long “Bigz L” oder “Bigz XL” or the long Sizzix Sizzlits Decorative Strips but can also be used for any of the other dies, folders and plates as well.


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Sizzix Big Shot



Sizzix Standard Schneideplatten


Sizzix Verlängerte Mehrzwegplattform



Sizzix Verlängerte Schneideplatten


Sizzix - Solo Plattform & Shim



Sizzix Solo Thin Die Adapter


Sizzix Verlängerte Magnetische Platte für Hauchdünne Stanzen



Sizzix Big Shot Pro Zubehör - Solo Plattform, Unterlegscheibe & Wafer Thin Adapter


Sizzix Standard Big Shot Plus Adapter A Plattform



Sizzix Standard Big Shot Plus Adapter B Plattform


Sizzix Big Shot “Impressions Pad” Schneideplatte (Schwarz)



Sizzix Stanzenbürste und Schaumstoffmatte für hauchdünne Stanzer


Sizzix Gummimatte



Sizzix Big Shot Silikon-Matte

Sizzix Multi-Purpose Platform

Sizzix Multi-Purpose (Mehrweg) Platform


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