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Craft Project for All Occasions - Gift Idea - Memo Pad Holder
Little memo pads often get sold in packs and are really inexpensive. They are not so pleasing to look at, though. With this idea, you can create a cheerful and attractive looking holder for such a pad. There is even a place to keep a small pencil, so one is always on hand when you need it.

Just a Note Notizblock 2

Just a Note Notizblock 1
These also make great and inexpensive gifts for friends or co-workers. Make it personal and stamp other messages onto the front or the name of the recipient.

Just a Note Notizblock 3


To Create this project, you will need the following supplies:
First of all, you need cardboard. The sides of cereal boxes are perfect for this craft and do not cost anything extra. You will also need basic supplies such as a glue stick, craft glue, a craft knife, a ruler and a double-sided tape.


You will also need:

Anleitung - Sizzix Big Shot 250

Sizzix Big Shot
Sizzix Big Shot is a great die-cutting and embossing machine and has been around for several years already. Use it with dies and folders from Sizzix or other companies to easily cut and/ or emboss figures. Paper and other materials up until a DIN A5 size can be used with this machine.

Sizzix Stanzer Flower Layers #3

Sizzix Originals Die
Depending on what you want to cut, find the appropriate die. For this project, the Flower Layers #3 die was used. If this particular die is no longer available, there are also other flower dies from Sizzix that you can use instead.

Sizzix Big Shot Cutting Plates

Sizzix Cutting Plates
You will practically always need these cutting plates for the Big Shot, no matter if you are cutting or embossing with the Multi-Purpose Platform or using the thick “Originals” dies. These help regulate the thickness of the stack so enough pressure is available to help the machine cut through the material.


Scrapbook Paper or other Printed Paper
Choose at least 3 different papers that fit nicely to each other in color and pattern.


Bone Folder or Stylus
This helps you create sharp creases when folding your paper. It can also be used to emboss lines on your paper as well.


Pricking Mat or Other Soft Mat Like a Mouse Pad
When you want to emboss your paper, use a mat as a soft underground to help make your lines more deep and visible.

Fiskars Corner Squeeze Punch - Eckenrunder

Fiskars Corner Squeeze Punch
Use this punch to create nicely rounded corners on your papers.

Kleiner Notizblock

Small Note Pad
Try to find a pad that measures approximately 7,5 x 11,5 centimeters.

Kleines Bleistift

Small Pencil
Try to find a pencil that is no longer than 9 centimeters.


Organza Ribbon
You will need about 80 centimeters of this sheer ribbon. Try to use a color that compliments your paper.


The button gets glued onto a finished flower. Any old button will do and it should compliment the flower and paper.

Silikonstempel mit Sprüchen

Clear Stamp With Sentiment
There are so many possibilities of messages you can stamp on the front of your book. You can also choose to stamp a name, too.

You can of course use a rubber stamp, as well.


Acrylic Block
Place your chosen clear stamp on this block for stamping. If you are using a rubber stamp, you can omit this item.

Zubehör - Pigment Stempelkissen

Pigment Ink Stamp Pad in a Color of Your Choice
The pigment ink needs longer to dry which makes it great when you wish to emboss it and give it a raised texture.

Zubehör - Embossingpulver - Clear

Embossing Powder
Choose a clear powder so that the color of your pigment ink shows through after the stamped imaged is embossed.

Zubehör - Heissluftpistole

Heating Tool
After you stamp your image and cover it with the powder, you will want to heat it to set the powder and give the image a raised edge. Stamping and Embossing Tutorial


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Sizzix Big Shot

Sizzix Originals Stanzer



Versa Color Stempelkissen

Embossing Heissluftpistolen

Fiskars Squeeze Punch (Eckenrunder)


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