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Coloring With a Water Brush
Here you are shown how to stamp and emboss an image. Now you can learn how to use water color pencils in combination with a water brush to add some color to your motif.

Aquash Water Brush von Pentel

A water brush is very practical because:
A water brush is small like a pen and can be taken just about anywhere. You fill the water tank with water and therefore you have your water always with you, in the brush itself. Any extra cup of water is then unnecessary. When you paint with the brush, the water flows through the brush to the tip of the brush, without dripping. We suggest buying a good quality brush for that reason.

The brush is easy to clean, so that you only need one brush. You can of course use more, if you like but it won’t be necessary.

The tip of the brush is stable yet flexible and easy to paint with. It does not lose any hair, either.


To start, you need the following materials:

Zubehör - Aquash Water Brush von Pentel

A water brush from Aquash, for example - With it, you have your paint brush and water always with you, without troubling yourself with a water cup. This brush is also good for any type of water color paintings.

Bastelanleitung - Stempeln und Embossing

A stamped and embossed motif - Here you will find a tutorial for this technique.

Zubehör - Aquarell Farbstifte

Water Color Pencils - You can paint over the markings with water to create a water color look. These are excellent in combination with the water brush.

Zubehör - Aquarellpapier

Paper - If you plan on coloring your motif afterwards, water color paper is recommended. The weight of 300 g/ m² is the best, because it holds the weight of the water well and the paper does not curl up or get wavy.


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