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Craft Tutorial - Coloring With a Water Brush

Anleitung - Water Brush 1

1. To use the brush, fill up the water tank by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Then take the point of your pencil and rub it onto the brush so that the brush can gather the color. Practice beforehand to get a feeling how the brush in combination with a pencil works.

Anleitung - Water Brush 2

2. Then you will color the motif, just as if you were painting it. Press evenly with the tip of the brush onto the motif. Don’t press to hard, or more water flow than necessary.

Within time, the color will fade. At anytime, you can gather more color just like you did in step one.

Anleitung - Water Brush 3

3. When you are finished using the first color of choice and you wish to change colors, take a small piece of cardboard. Stroke the tip back and forth across the cardboard until the water is clear.

Anleitung - Water Brush 4

4. Now you can continue with the next color. The color grey was used here to color her shoulder wrap.

You can also combine colors to create pretty graduations of color on your images.

Anleitung - Water Brush 5

5. Continue working until your motif is completely colored. After it dries, you can add more color to darken some areas if you like.


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