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Christmas Craft Project - Christmas Card With Robins
The adorable little winter robins that were used to embellish this card are motifs created out of paper napkins. They are drawn with such love and attention to detail and look wonderful on a Christmas card. The technique used for this card is very simple and can be used for many other paper napkin motifs as well. You are not limited to just this motif, if you cannot find it where you live.

Weihnachtskarte mit Vögeln 1
The sweet robin is a very popular Christmas card motif in England.

Weihnachtskarte mit Vögeln 2

Weihnachtskarte mit Vögeln 3


To create Christmas cards like these, you will need the following materials:

Serviette mit Vögeln von Atelier

Paper Napin with Robin Motifs
If you cannot find this particular motif, choose similar motifs to create your card. For each card you need two paper napkin quarters.

Serviettenkleber und Weicher Pinsel

Decoupage Glue and Soft and Flat Paint Brush
The glue adheres the paper napkin directly onto the card.


Passepartout Cards
The card used for this project measures 11.2 x 18 cm and the opening in the center measures 7.5 x 11 cm. The card is divided into three sections and the middle section is cut out.

You can choose any size of passepartout card you like but the measurements in the tutorial need to be reconsidered if you do.

Windrad Mobilefolie

Acetate Sheets
Choose a sheet that is 4 mm thick if possible.


Aslan Foil (Sturdy Adhesive)
This product is available in some countries in Europe. In your region, find a thick one sided adhesive that allows you to adhere paper napkins, cut them out and use these as embellishments onto cards and scrapbooks.

Peel-Off Sticker und Permanentmarker

Peel-Off Sticker and Red Permanent Marker
Peel-off stickers are mostly sold in the colors of gold, silver and white. You can color these with a permanent marker to create a color that will match your card.


Double-Sided Adhesive Tape
Choose a quality that is strong and very sticky.


3-D Foam Tape
These help raise your motifs and create a 3-D feeling. You can cut the tape to a size depending on your needs.


Other: Iron, Baking Paper


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Mobilefolie/ Windradfolie


Peel-Off Sticker - Weihnachten


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