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The Ultimate Crafters Companion Pro
This craft case is full of surprises and has everything you need to create all kinds of projects such as cards, envelopes, boxes and bags in lots of different sizes. Also you can cut card and paper with the helpful cutting mouse and ruler, you can emboss using shapes and frames, designs and frames on the case, and you can also create bows to embellish you projects.

Anleitung - Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pro 1
This is one side of the outside of the case. You can see already a dragonfly, heart and butterfly motifs that can be embossed. There are also four different corner embellishments to emboss corners of cards or envelopes. On this side of the case you can create envelopes as well. The holes you see at the top left of the case are for the pegs to make bows. The holes are at different distances so you can adjust the size of the bow you wish to make.

Anleitung - Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pro 2

When you open the case to the inside section, you see on one side a compartment to perfectly keep all of your supplies such as the instruction book, the pegs for bow making, embossing pens, the ruler and the cutting mouse.

Anleitung - Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pro 3

This is the other side of the outside of the case. Here are different lines to create different types and sizes of cards. The wavy and zig-zag lines are for embellishing your paper or cards.

Anleitung - Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pro 4

When you open the case completely at the middle, you see two sides. One side you see lines and waves. The lines are for creating different sizes of boxes and the wavy lines are for embellishing. On the other side there are shapes to create frames and figures for your craft needs. The middle hinge is the space where the ruler will fit when you need to cut paper.

Anleitung - Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pro 9

This is the case when completely open and flipped over. Here you see the outside sides of the case. The ruler fits also in the middle on this side.


Other Supplies for “The Ultimate Crafters Companion Pro”, that can be purchases separately:

Anleitung - Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pro 20

DVD - There are DVD’s available with lots of project ideas and instructions how to use your board to the maxium. Each DVD is about 2 1/2 hours long.

Anleitung - Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pro 8

Embossing Boards - These embossing boards are boards for creating boxes and thicker envelopes.

Anleitung - Crafter's Companion Ultimate Pro 6

Embossing Boards with Motifs - For practically all occasions and seasons you will find lots of motifs you can use with your case.


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