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Christmas Craft Project - Beaded Snowflakes or Stars
It does not matter whether you wish to decorate your Christmas tree or window or even if you wish to embellish a Christmas gift, these stars look gorgeous. With a bit of patience and time, these are easy to make. The craft tutorial below is written for the silver colored star. The other star images are inspiration to show how versatile this craft is.

Perlenstern 1
This particular star is made with silver and faceted clear beads and looks very elegant.

Perlenstern 2
This is an example of a star created with only red beads.

Perlenstern 3
If you like cool and sparkly winter colors, you can create a star in the colors of silver and light blue.



To create the silver colored star, the following supplies were used:

Drahtstern für Perlen

Wire Stars for Beads
This particular star has 16 spokes. Alternating, 8 spokes are long and the remaining 8 are short.. The star is 15 centimeters in size.

Facettierten Glasperlen 6mm

Faceted Round Beads
The beads are 6 mm in size and 16 beads were needed for the star.

Facettierten Glasperlen 4mm

Faceted Round Beads
The beads are 6 mm in size and 8 beads were needed for the star

Silberperlen 5 mm

Silver Beads
These beads are 5mm in diameter and 8 beads were needed.

Glasstifte twistet, 20 mm, Silbereinzug

Spiral Twisted Bugle Beads
These beads are silver lined crystal and are about 20 mm long. They are so pretty because they sparkle somewhat when the light reflects on them. 16 beads were needed for the star.

Glasstifte, 7 u.2 mm, Silbereinzug

Bugle Beads
These beads are silver lined and are 7 mm long and 2 mm thick. You need 8 of these.


Silver Lined Seed Beads
24 of these are needed for this project.

Metallperle Spacer Kugel filigran silber mit Diamanteffekt 6mm

Metal Beads With Intricate Design
These beads give the star an elegant look to it. They are 6 mm in size and you need 32 of these beads.

Kleine Flachzange

Flat Pliers
To bend the wire ends to secure them, you will need small flat pliers.


Round Pliers
The round pliers are necessary to create the hook form on your wire ends.


Also: Thin nylon thread for hanging the stars


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