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Christmas Craft Tutorial - Beaded Snowflakes or Stars

Bastelanleitung - Perlenstern 1

1. First you will add beads to the long spokes. For the first spoke, begin at the middle of the star and add the following beads in this order: one twisted bugle bead, one metal bead, the large faceted bead, one metal bead, one small faceted bead, one metal bead, 3 seed beads and then one silver bead.

After you have finished with the first spoke, follow steps 2-4 to secure and bend the end into a hook form. Then continue adding beads to the remaining 7 long spokes, one at a time, securing the end of each spoke as you finish adding beads to it.

Bastelanleitung - Perlenstern 2

2. To create the hook form, you will first of all bend the end of the wire with the flat pliers 90° to the outside.

Bastelanleitung - Perlenstern 3

3. Then you will take the round pliers and grab the end. Turn in 180° in the opposite direction, creating a round hook form as you do so.

Bastelanleitung - Perlenstern 4

4. This is how the hook looks and it prevents the beads from falling off of the wire. You can hang your star from any of the hooks afterwards.

Bastelanleitung - Perlenstern 5

5. Now you can add beads to the shorter wire spokes. Starting with the first short wire, add the beads in the following order: One bugle bead, one large faceted bead, one metal bead and then one twisted bugle bead.

Bend the end into a hook form as you did for the long spokes. Then repeat for the remaining 7 short spokes.

Bastelanleitung - Perlenstern 6

6. The hook of the short spoke looks like this after you have made it.


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