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Stamping and Embossing
There is a great variety of stamps in craft stores as well as online. They are either available as silicone stamps or as rubber stamps on a wooden block. You will find stamps for any season of the year and also to any topic, either as image stamps or as text stamps.

Zubehör - Stempeln und Embossing

Silicone stamps are more practial than rubber stamps for many reasons:
They are thinner so a lot of space can be saved when storing them. If you have several motifs, you can place these inside an empty CD box for storage. That way, the stamps stay dust free and the boxes can be easily stacked.

They are cheaper. You can purchase packages with several motifs for less than 5 Euros (in Germany).

They are placed on transparent acrylic blocks. It is easy to see where you are stamping, for perfect placement.

They are easy to clean.


To start, you need the following materials:

Zubehör - Aquarellpapier

Paper - If you plan on coloring your motif afterwards, water color paper is recommended. The weight of 300 g/ m² is the best, because it holds the weight of the water well and the paper does not curl up or get wavy.

Zubehör - Silikonstempel und Acrylblock

Acrylic block and clear stamp of your choice - Select a motif depending on what you wish to do.

Zubehör - Pigment Stempelkissen

Pigment Ink Pad (Color of Your Choice) - Pigment ink stays wet longer which gives you the chance to still add the embossing powder afterwards.

Zubehör - Embossingpulver - Clear

Embossing Powder - When you shake embossing powder onto your motif that has been stamped with pigment ink, the powder will adhere to the motif. Clear is a good choice as it allows the color of the ink you used to show through.

Zubehör - Heissluftpistole

Heating Tool/ Gun - A must have when stamping and embossing. If you do not have one, you can carefully use a toaster. The stamped image covered with embossing powder gets held over the toaster (not in the toaster) to melt the powder. We do not recommend this but rather the heating tool.


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Versa Color Stempelkissen

Clear Embossing Pulver



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