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Fall Craft Tutorial - Autumn Paper Gift Basket /Bonbon Basket

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 1

1. Place your Crafter’s Companion onto the table so that the side you see in the image is facing upwards.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 2

2. Follow the instructions on the DVD to create the Bonbon Box. You will learn exactly how and where to place your embossed lines.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 3

3. Then the four corners also get embossed.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 4

4. When finished, this is how your cardstock square looks. There are nine same sized squares and the four corners are embossed until the middle square corner.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 5

5. The embossing tool is part of the Crafter’s Companion set. It has one flat side which can be used also to create nice sharp creases on the embossed lines. Now all of the horizontal and verticle lines will be creased, so they can be folded perfectly afterwards.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 6

6. Now it looks like this.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 7

7. Fold in the four corners along the embossed line towards the middle.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 8

8. Now it is actually looking like a basket.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 9

9. Punch a hole in each of the four corners.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 10

10. ...about 7 mm or 1/4 inch from the sides.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 11

11. Die cut 8 leaves using the Sizzix Big Shot and the “Tattered Leaves” die.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 12

12. This is how the leaves look. If you were not able to find this die, there are other leaf dies available that you can also use.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 13

13. To make the leaves more dimensional, emboss a line down the middle of each one. Place the leaf on the Crafter’s Companion and use the embossing tool to create the line.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 14

14. Now cut four 9 cm squares out of the scrapbook paper. These will be glued to each of the 4 middle outside sections of the square.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 15

15. Then adhere two die cut leaves onto each square. Glue down only one half of the leaf and leave the other half in the air.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 16

16. Now all four squares have been glued on and the leaves are embellishing them.

Anleitung - Herbstlicher Korb 17

17. Finally the basket will be closed. Tie a ribbon through each of the holes and create a bow to finish it off.


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