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Christmas Craft Project - Paper Maché Stars Decoupaged with Décopatch Paper
It is very easy and so much fun to decoupage and decorate items with Décopatch paper. In this project, paper maché stars were altered into beautiful ornaments within a very short time. Make a whole set of these to hang on your Christmas tree or even gift as a gift.

Decopatch Weihnachtssterne 1
It is very important to use paper and glue from the “Décopatch” company. Both compliment each other wonderfully and the results are very pleasing. The glue is thin, is easy to use and dries quickly. You can choose between a matt or a glossy finish. The glue also protects the paper underneath and you can even wipe it with a damp cloth if necessary.

The paper is very light and thin and yet will not tear as you are gluing it. It also will not fade and covers the items well; normally you will only need one layer of paper. And when you overlap the Décopatch papers, the paper layer underneath will normally not show through, thus giving the item you are covering an uniform look.

Decopatch Weihnachtssterne 2
In a short time you can make lots of pretty stars.


To decorate one star you will need the following supplies:


Paper Maché Star
Paper maché items are so easy to decorate and come in many forms.

Decopatchpapier - Weihnachten

Décopatch Paper
Choose papers with pretty Christmas patterns.

Decopatchkleber und Malpinsel

Décopatch Glue and a Flat Paint Brush
For this project a glossy glue from the Décopatch company was used.


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Décopatch Kleber


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