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Christmas Craft Idea - Quilled Paper Christmas Wreath
Even though it may not look like it, you will need an entire afternoon to make this project. Each quilled roll is individually made and glued on. This would be an excellent group project for a church group or at a retirement home. If a few people can help to quill the paper rolls, it takes much less time to make this project. Wenn this wreath is finish, it looks unique and interesting and is definitely a one of a kind. It can be used to hang on a wall or door or as a centerpiece wreath with a candle in the middle.

Weihnachtskranz mit gequilltem Papier 1

Weihnachtskranz mit gequilltem Papier 2

Weihnachtskranz mit gequilltem Papier 3


To create this project, you need the following supplies:

Styroporkranz 25 cm

Polystyrene Wreath
The wreath used for this particular project measures 25 centimeters, but you can make yours smaller or larger, depending on your needs.

Quilling Stift

Quilling Tool
There are small quilling tools available but these can be quite tiring and painful for the hand if you have to make many figures. If you purchase one with a soft grip, it is much easier to use and less of a strain.

Quilling Papier in grün und rot

Quilling Paper
Choose paper in the colors of red and several shades of green to make the wreath look even more interesting.

If you do not have quilling strips, you can also use regular paper (such as colored typing paper) to create your strips. Cut the paper in strips on the long side.


Hot Glue Gun
A hot glue gun is really recommended for this project as the glue dries almost immediately. If you work with children, you may prefer to choose a wet glue. This will, though, take longer to dry and you need to pay attention that the quilled rolls do not slide down the wreath during the drying process.

Quilling Schablone

Quilling Template/ Quilling Board
The best is a template with several same sized positions for your quilted circles. This saves time as you can make 6 at once before you have to remove and glue them.


Other: Scissors, wet glue, raffia ribbon or other ribbon for the bow


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Styroporring, 25 cm

Quilling Stifte

Quilling Papier

Quilling Schablonen



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