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Tutorial for the Baby Boy Card: (the baby girl card follows the same tutorial but with just different motifs and color)

Bastelanleitung - Babykarten 2

1. First 6 large squares (3 white and 3 blue) and 6 small squares (3 white and 3 blue) were cut out using the die cutting machine. If you do not have a machine, youc an also use a ruler and cutting mat to cut out squares. The large squares measure 4 centimeters and the smaller squares measure 2.5 centimeters.

Bastelanleitung - Babykarten 3

2. This is how the cut out squares look like.

Bastelanleitung - Babykarten 4

3. Then place the 6 white squares in the embossing folder...

Bastelanleitung - Babykarten 6

4. ... and emboss them with the machine. If you do not have a machine, you can also use embossed card for this project if you like the embossed effect.

Bastelanleitung - Babykarten 9

5. Place 3-D foam tape on the back side of the 6 blue squares.

Bastelanleitung - Babykarten 10

6. Then glue the smaller squares on the opposite color of the larger squares. The squares that have no 3-D foam tape get glued on using stick glue.

Bastelanleitung - Babykarten 7

7. To add color to the card, a piece of cardstock is cut to the size of 10 cm x 14.25 cm.

These measurements are 1/2 centimeter than the size of the card.

Bastelanleitung - Babykarten 8

8. Adhere the cardstock to the front of the card.

Bastelanleitung - Babykarten 11

9. Then adhere the squares centered on the card.

Bastelanleitung - Babykarten 12

10. To finish the card all you need to do now is adhere the motifs with 3-D foam tape.


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